Make Mom The Focus Of This Year's Family Vacation

Posted on: 14 February 2020

Family vacations can be a great way to create fabulous memories that everyone will cherish over the years, but what about mom? Oftentimes, when it comes to family vacations, it's up to mom to get all of the planning done, the bags packed, snacks made, and everyone out the door and on the way. Then, when on vacation, she still plays her role as the caregiver, meal preparer and maid – it's time you give mom the family vacation that will help her unwind and have just as much fun as the rest of the family.

Opt for a Family Resort                        

If your family typically rents vacation homes for your trips, think about how much more work that is for mom. Yes, the family can save a bit of money by being able to prepare all of the meals right there at the home, can wash laundry as needed and have all of the space for everyone to enjoy their time together, but mom is left with all of the same responsibilities that she faces at home – the ones that she deserves a vacation away from.

Look for a family resort that'll not only keep everyone entertained, but will also keep everyone fed, the room clean and possibly even get the laundry done when it begins to pile up in the corners of the room. Family-style resorts are the place to go for everyone. While the kids are off doing their thing, mom can be sitting in the room enjoying a book that she's wanted to read for a year, go to the spa for a well-deserved massage, or sip a glass of wine at the restaurant while the kids eat pizza in the room.


Packing is one of the more stressful elements of a mom's preparations for vacation. If anything is left behind, well, guess who is to blame – this time around, don't rely on mom to pack up everything that your family will need for vacation.

Have the kids put everything out on their beds that they want to take. Then, you go through the piles and make any necessary adjustments for weather, space or necessity. In some cases, this can be a challenge in itself, but other kids will go right along with the program just so that they can get on the road and on their way to the best family vacation ever.

Mom needs a break from time to time – make this year's family vacation the break that she needs to recover from the daily tasks that go unnoticed and unappreciated.

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