Amenities and Qualities to Look for in a Hotel When You'll Be Staying a While

Posted on: 24 February 2020

Typically, when you go to a hotel, you stay for a couple of days, or maybe a week at most. You probably look for a hotel that is near the destination you want to visit, and one that has some fun amenities to enjoy, like a pool or gym. After all, you're on vacation!

But what if you are looking for a hotel to stay in for a longer period? Maybe you plan on staying for a month while you're in town to work, or perhaps you'll be staying for two months while you are between apartments. The qualities and amenities you want to look for in a hotel will be a bit different in this case. Here are some of the amenities and qualities you'll want to look for.

1. Discounts for longer stays

Typically at a hotel, you pay by the night. When you're only staying for a few days, this works just fine. But if you're staying longer, you'll want to find a hotel that offers a discount or lower rate for stays of a week or more. Some hotels may even offer a monthly rate. This can save you a bundle as opposed to what you would pay on a nightly rate. 

2. Breakfast

When you're staying in a hotel room without a way to do a lot of cooking, you'll end up spending more on eating out. If a hotel at least offers a continental breakfast each morning, then that is one meal you do not have to pay for. You can grab breakfast on the way out the door without having to cook anything or empty your wallet.

3. Laundry services or facilities

When you're staying for a while, you'll have laundry to do. You're not going to want to gather it all up and take it to a laundromat, especially if there isn't one nearby. Therefore, it is best if your hotel offers laundry services or facilities. Some will take your laundry, wash it, and return it to your room. Others just have a laundry room you can use yourself.

4. A lobby or bar

There will be times when you get back to your hotel and you don't feel like spending time all alone in your room. Therefore, it's best when your extended stay hotel has a lobby or bar area where you can converse with other guests. A simple television and couch setup is good enough in most cases.

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