Summer Vacation: How To Choose A Hotel That Caters Toward Kids

Posted on: 26 February 2020

When you are young, single, and traveling solo, traveling is all about you. You can schedule a spa day, lay out by the pool, order room service, and basically do whatever you want. As soon as you buckle down and have kids though, vacations instantly look a lot different. One of the best ways for parents to continue to enjoy vacationing is to stay at a hotel that accommodates kids. 

Child Care

If you want to go out with your spouse to eat at night sans kids or if you just want a little alone time throughout the day, you should look for a hotel that offers child care. Depending on the hotel, they may have a child care facility directly at the hotel or they may just have trained caretakers that can come to your room and watch your kids while you enjoy some alone time. 


Keeping kids entertained on vacation can feel like you're working full-time. Whether you have young kids or teenagers, looking for a hotel that has some kid-friendly activities is a must. For instance, if you are staying on a beach, look for a hotel that offers boogie boarding and surfing lessons; that way your kids can take a lesson one day and then practice it every day you're there right after. 


Staying at a hotel that has 5-star dining is great, but will they have anything that your kids want to eat? Are they open during hours when your kids are hungry? By staying on a similar eating schedule to the one you have at home, you can cut down on temper tantrums and bad moods overall. Look for a hotel that has a family-style restaurant either onsite or close by; that way you know that your kids will always have options for things to eat. 

Kid-Friendly Swimming Pool

One of the things that kids and parents love about staying at a hotel is the swimming pool. Look for a swimming pool that has things like a lazy river, a kiddie pool, water slides, or other water features. When kids have things to do at the pool all day, you can spend hours there without having to think about keeping them busy. Plus, you know they will be off their phones and iPads which is another benefit. 

Keep these suggestions in mind when you are looking for family-style lodging for your summer vacation this year.