5 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Vacation Rental Home

Posted on: 28 February 2020

Vacation rentals are not all the same. What do you need to ask to ensure that you're completely prepared for your next family vacation in a rental home? Here, you'll find a few things to ask before signing on the line for your accommodations.

Is there a minimum stay?

Some vacation rental homes require the stay to be a minimum of a certain number of days. For example, during those times when the home is in demand, they may require you to book it for a week. When it is in less demand, the stay may be shortened to 3 days.

Do you have to check in and out on a certain day?

Some vacation home rentals do limit the days for check-in and check-out to a certain day of the week. In most cases, the rental homes that do require this will require you to check in or out on a Saturday or Sunday. This is so that they don't have a gap between renters.

Are linens provided?

In some cases, you'll be required to provide your own sheets and pillowcases, but the bedding itself is provided. Other times, everything will be provided — you just have to walk in, unpack, and start enjoying your vacation. It is best to inquire about the linen availability and if there is a fee for the linen service.

Is the home kid-friendly?

Some homes aren't designed with kids in mind. There could be steep stairs that little ones can't maneuver safely, beds that are too high off of the ground for the kids to sleep in or décor that could cause a safety risk. Before you book — make sure that it is kid-friendly.

Are pets welcome?

Some homes welcome pets of all kinds — others may limit the type of pet that you can bring with you. If you have a large breed dog or a breed that's commonly mistaken as aggressive, contact the owner or rental representative to make sure the dog will be welcome not only in the home but in the community in which you'll be staying. Some breeds, like pit bulls, are restricted in small towns — know before you go so that you aren't cited for having an unapproved breed while visiting.

If you ask these questions before you book the home for your vacation, you'll be much better prepared for what you're walking into. Hopefully, your vacation will go off without a hitch and your vacation home is just what your family wants and needs this year.

For more information, contact a vacation rental service.