Reasons To Host Your Conference In A Hotel Conference Room

Posted on: 19 March 2020

Hosting a conference is a lot of work. One of the first decisions you will need to make is where the conference will be held. Although there are many different conference halls and spaces to choose from, your best bet, in many cases, will be to book a conference room in a hotel. Here are a few reasons why this is such a smart choice.

1. Guests are more likely to come from out of town.

Even if most people attending your conference live locally, holding the conference in a hotel will make out-of-towners more likely to attend. They will not have to worry about navigating the city or finding a place to stay. Their costs will also be lower since they may be able to get away without renting a car if they stay in the same building where the conference is held. Most conferences are held with the intention of bringing together diverse people with many different perspectives on an issue, so the more out-of-town guests you have, the better. 

2. People can stay overnight if they drink too much.

If you are hosting more of an informal conference where alcoholic beverages will be served, perhaps even as a part of an after-reception, then booking a hotel conference room is simply a safer plan. If a guest has too much to drink, they can just book a room and stay overnight rather than trying to find a way home or back to a separate hotel. Drunk driving is no joke.

3. Hotels are well set up for catering and other amenities.

Hotels are used to hosting big conferences and dealing with large groups of people. As such, they may be more adapted to accommodating caterers and the like. They may have a larger kitchen space caterers can use, the hallways may be better suited to larger crowds. Smaller, independent conference centers are sometimes better suited to lower-key, more short-term events.

4. Your main organizers can book rooms and spend more time together.

When you host your conference at a hotel, the main organizers can book rooms and stay overnight. This way, they can wake up the day of the conference and get right to preparing, rather than having to waste time traveling and the like. They can also stay overnight afterward, which they will really appreciate when they're tired.

Booking a hotel conference room is often a good choice for conferences. Reach out to hotels near you to learn more.