5 Ways to Get the Full Bed and Breakfast Experience

Posted on: 22 July 2021

Boutique bed and breakfast hotels are designed to be a much different experience than staying at a large and impersonal hotel. But your choices determine if you get the full benefit of this experience or not. What can you do to take full advantage of the uniqueness of a bed and breakfast? Here are five things.

Enjoy the Meals

Bed and breakfast establishments generally offer a home-cooked breakfast for all guests. Some may also offer other meals and snacks. Participate in these opportunities. You'll get to enjoy a hand-prepared meal, often a local dish, and spend time with your hosts and other guests.

Make Your Needs Known

Your host is both owner and operator of their little inn, so they can provide a personal level of service few hotels can match. So if you have questions, concerns, or special needs, let the host know in advance. They will work to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and you will enjoy being able to personalize your experience. 

Stay In a Little

Some travelers have no choice but to be gone from dawn to dusk. But if you want the full B&B experience, don't be in a rush to leave. Spend time in the homey environment of your inn. Explore the common areas and décor. Sit outside and read a book. And ask your host about things you see that interest you. Your lodging will be a treasured part of your trip. 

Be Open to People

When you stay at a B&B, you are surrounded by a small group of other travelers. Because the size is limited, you have a great opportunity to meet new people and hear new stories. Be open to this experience that is so rare when staying at a large hotel. It will enhance your stay, give you new ideas, and possibly even make friends for life. 

Ask for Local Tips

Take advantage of the local knowledge and experience held by your hosts and others. Because they live and work in the immediate area, unlike many hotel employees, they can provide recommendations on everything from good hiking spots to local medical providers to where locals like to eat. Ask for their assistance and try out their advice for a better trip. 

Start applying these few tips for the perfect bed and breakfast boutique experience today. Tour lodging in your next destination and get to know your future hosts, and you will enjoy your next trip more than you ever expected. For more information, contact a bed and breakfast inn, such as The Abigail Inn, to learn more.