3 Reasons You Should Choose A Pet Friendly Apartment For Rent Over A Hotel For Your Next Vacation

Posted on: 9 May 2022

Do you enjoy bringing your family pet on vacation with you? If so, you are probably very familiar with the task of seeking out pet friendly accommodations while you are away from home. However, if you have been staying at pet friendly hotels, you could be missing out on the most beneficial type of pet friendly lodging that is available. This is because choosing to stay at a pet friendly apartment rental during your vacation rather than at a hotel offers you a wide variety of very unique benefits. Continue reading to learn more about some of these benefits so that you can better understand why you should opt for a short-term apartment rental for your next vacation rather than booking a hotel. 

More Room For Your Pet To Move Around

While some pets will not need much space to move around, larger animals will often struggle to remain calm when they are confined to a small space such as a hotel room for an extended period of time. Pet friendly apartments offer more space than the traditional hotel room. This extra space can go a long way towards helping to ensure both you and your pet are able to enjoy your next vacation. 

Less Anxiety For You And Your Pet

Staying in a hotel can be stressful for both you and your pet even if the hotel's policy allows for pets in the room. This is because in addition to the unfamiliar surroundings, your pet will also be exposed to a variety of new people and sounds. Something as simple as having housekeeping come in to clean the room can be a serious source of stress for some animals. The privacy that is provided by renting a pet friendly apartment rather than staying at a hotel can help to reduce the stress that your pet feels and therefore help to reduce your stress levels as well.

Access To Pet Friendly Amenities

Just as vacation rental properties offer extra amenities for you when compared to a hotel, many pet friendly properties will offer extra amenities for your pet as well. For instance, it is quite common for these properties to be stocked with supplies such as extra pet food bowls in case you forgot yours at home. These properties often offer designated areas for your pet to take a bathroom break or enjoy some exercise time as well. Not only can these types of amenities help your pet to enjoy their time away from home, but they can also help to make your job of caring for your pet a bit easier as well. Look into a company like Aria of Zionsville Apartments for more information.