What To Look For In A Family Hotel With Spa

Posted on: 10 February 2023

You might be wanting to take a vacation where the entire family enjoys the local activities of your destination. You also might want to stay in a resort that's well known for its spa facilities so you can be pampered and just simply relax. While you might think that these two ideas are not found together often, that's not always the case.

In fact, it's possible to find a terrific family hotel with a spa where your kids or teenagers can enjoy themselves and you can also get the pampering you deserve. Here is what to look for in a family hotel with a spa so your family can have a great time.

Amenities For The Whole Family

When looking for a family hotel spa, search for hotels that offer amenities for the whole family. This means they will offer strollers, cribs, children's bathrobes, and even kids-themed bedrooms so your children can feel pampered and special too. They will often offer room service or the hotel's restaurant will offer kids meals on the menu.

Other amenities can include swimming pools with waterslides or even an entire waterpark within the hotel's facilities. The spa itself could also cater to both the adults and the kids in the family with manicures of bright bubble gum colors or even a play area for little ones to keep them entertained while you enjoy a massage.

They Recognize Children As Well As Adults

When looking for a family hotel with a spa look for one that puts the effort into acknowledging your children, regardless of their age as well as yourselves. This means, upon arrival, the staff will welcome both you and your children by name and talk to everyone equally. 

During your stay, the staff will speak with your children at the restaurant, pool areas, or other activity areas like the game room, movie room, or media room so they also feel like they are special and welcomed.

Many hotels that offer spas will have gift baskets designed for a child or teenager in mind with body washes, shampoo, and small gifts like stuffed animals inside for your child to enjoy.

Look For A Larger Room Size

When looking for a family hotel with a spa, always look to see if they offer larger than typical room sizes for your stay.

If you are traveling with at least one child if not two, you are going to want more space than a regular hotel room will offer. This means that you may want to have a sitting area with a couch and a couple of chairs, space between the beds to move around, and even potentially additional dressers and closet space than a smaller room might have.

If you want or need to have an adjoining room for older kids and teenagers, you could look for a suite instead of separate rooms. This means that you will have a combined sitting area but everyone gets their own bedroom space.