Making The Most Of A Rainy Day Motel Stay

Posted on: 12 July 2023

If you are intending on staying in a motel while traveling, and it happens to rain while you are away from home, you probably wonder what your options are to pass the time in a strange location. Motels are convenient as they allow you to rest comfortably in a safe location. When it rains and you are limited to a motel stay, try these actions to keep yourself occupied.

Research Activities In The Area

If your stay spans several days, you likely want to explore the area you are in when the weather conditions are favorable. Utilize a rainy day in your motel room to research all that is around you. Inquire at the front desk as to whether there is a television channel available that showcases area events and head back to your room to watch it for a while. Many motels offer free pamphlets advertising local businesses. If there is not a display within view at the front desk area, ask whether there is readable information available for guests.

Enjoy Cuisine From The Local Area

Staying in a motel is a wonderful time to try food from a new area. Ask the front desk clerk for recommendations about local dining areas. If you do not have a vehicle available or you simply do not want to venture out in the rain, there are likely restaurants nearby that offer delivery services. Enjoy a meal in the comfort of your motel room as you wait out the rain outdoors. You may even want to head out to the restaurant in person when weather conditions are more favorable.

Utilize On-Site Amenities

Many motels offer amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay. This includes indoor or outdoor pools, hot tubs, saunas, and exercise rooms. Find out if your motel has any of these amenities available and enjoy a relaxing day to rejuvenate yourself so you are ready to go out and about when the sun shines once again. If these amenities are not situated at your motel, there are other options that may indeed be available. Some motels have board games you can check out at the front desk. Others have game rooms where you can try your hand at luck at pool, ping-pong, or vintage video games. Find out if there is a reading area you can use or find out if you can borrow a book from a community area to browse in your room.